The friendly atmosphere in the company, various of bonuses, - the main condition, and motivation for high-quality performance of work. ITA Evolution wants to support employees and to give motivation for prompt development in the form of various encouragements and bonuses.
ITA Evolution suggests benefits:


Comfortable office with the convenient and technically completed workplace.

Business trips

Business trips to the countries of South Africa and Western Europe.


The kitchen equipped with the refrigerator, the coffee machine, microwave, and bottled water.


The reported salary pegged against dollar, a bonus award for loyalty (the thirteenth salary), possibility of training and obtaining certificates at the expense of the company, compensation of sports occupations, English language courses in working hours (compensation of 50% of cost of courses).


Meeting room where it is possible to discuss all details of the project with the colleague or the customer in silence and comfortable atmosphere. For your convenience there is a wall board, flip chart, a projector and the conditioner.


New Year's corporate holidays in form +1, gifts to employees, whose work experience in the company +1 year and every next year, gifts to birthday of the employee and on anniversary of the company, New Year's gifts to children.


Flexible hours of work, 5 Days Off a year, labor holiday. Remote working during pandemic.


Financial support in case of the child's birth.


Employees can use the services of a professional masseur "Richter Charisma" at any convenient time.

For improvement and expansion of a social ITA Evolution package conducts regular surveys of employees and their testing. Each half a year there is a revision of the existing systems of encouragement and motivation towards their expansion.