The understanding is the cornerstone of our achievements that the basic and the most important advantage of the company are people. Today in ITA Evolution the team of talented employees works. System and business analysts, developers and testers, specialists in management of projects and quality control, architects of the software, translators and designers – each of them has profound knowledge, practical experience and aspiration to success.

The strong team of talented developers, work vast experience with the largest international customers, partnership with the leading software developers, the built methodology are the integral components of success of the IT projects realized by ITA Evolution.


In the company the corporate culture – the powerful tool working for achievement of goals is developed. It includes maintenance of corporate spirit and traditions, creation of the atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding in the company.


Solid team – one of our main competitive advantages. The ITA Evolution company chose as fundamentals of the policy creation of the professional amicable team supporting a positive social microclimate at office ready to come to the rescue to each other.


We are for a healthy lifestyle, and in every way tried to keep fit our staff.


  • Timbilding activity – is an integral part of creation of powerful structure. We combine corporate rest with training elements, the developing trainings, and sometimes and extreme events. We want that during action employees not only have a rest, but also showed abilities to creativity, self-expression and an initiative. The spark of each employee will go to powerful energy of development of our business. The staff of our company is vigorous and motivated on achievement of good results. Being the certified experts, they don’t stop on reached constantly being improved.