• November 9, 2018

Agile course

November 10, 2018 our employees visited the course “Agile. Flexible software development methodologies” in Belhard. We believe that extra knowledge does not exist! And the most valuable knowledge can be applied in practice.

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  • October 31, 2018

Halloween 2018!

ITA celebrated Halloween together!

 We had a master-class “Stained glass painting” in our office. Everybody made a very beautiful candlestick, which can be useful during cold autumn and winter evenings ... We made sure one more time that making things together unites the team!

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  • October 28, 2018

Medical insurance

Another good news in our company!

Medical insurance is introduced for employees from November 2018. Should we talk about this? We think that YES! Even children know that there is nothing more important than health.

We are pleased that the health of our team is under close supervision, which is provided by the best medical centers in Minsk.

The well-known proverb says: "Health is the head of everything!"


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  • October 19, 2018

Multilisting system

In this article we want to share with our audience the way one of our projects is developing. We speak about multilisting - a system of interaction between real estate market participants operating through electronic databases that help to make deals where both sides are interested in quality sales.

The market dictates increasingly tough competition for the order. Real estate is an expensive product that is why competition is doubly increasing.

This system has several advantages: it helps to attract customers, due to the presence of a larger number of objects than the buyer can find on the Internet on their own; helps to save money to real estate agencies for advertising; helps with statistics in the real estate market.

A multilisting system can form several communities within one system that interact on the accepted terms of partnership transactions. One organization can be a member of more than one community and this helps to increase opportunities and incomes. Key aspects of using the MLS system are making quick affiliate sales and minimizing costs.

Our multilisting system has several advantages over competitors. The main thing is that our system is distributed (each agency equally possesses all the necessary information and there is no “main” agency, website or computer); can be integrated with any third-party system, like CRM, call center, MLS. That means it does not force real estate agencies to switch from the established within the company systems to something new and unknown.

If you do not have your own well-established system for professional work with real estate objects, then we will offer to try Estate - specialized software for real estate agencies, which contains the client part of the multi-listing system. More information can be found on our website, as well as on social networks.

Our MLS is constantly improving to meet all the requirements of the real estate market and Belarusian legislation. Every day more and more agencies are showing interest in our system and are connecting for testing and further use. We believe that the multi-listing system is the future of a civilized real estate market!

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  • September 13, 2018

Programmer Day 2018

Dear friends, according to our tradition, we want to share with you how we celebrated the Day of a Programmer this year! The management of our company believe that the professional holiday should not be forgotten, that’s why September 13th was an excellent occasion for team building.

There was a biscuit on the desktop of every employee with the logo of our company in the morning. What can be more pleasant than a delicious coffee-pause at the beginning of the working day?!) We have an answer to this question! Only pizza can be better… So we ate it for lunch where the management and all the staff accepted congratulations from each other.

Closer to the end of the working day, the ITA team went karting, to one of the largest karting centers in our city, KARTLEND. This activity reflects the fact that the company always keeps pace with the time and we are very mobile. We always try to organize events which our employees are interested in. That's why we chose karting, knowing that our team is fond of speed and drive! Everyone has shown a very good result!

The next day there was a continuation in the office, when everyone began to discuss the results of the races and share their emotions and impressions from the very morning!

We will definitely come up with something new Next year!  We promise!)

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